Create your Zen Oasis

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Transforming your home into a zen sanctuary is easier than you may think. Start by choosing a few prints that resonate with you and reflect the natural beauty you wish to surround yourself with.

Choose frames that complements the style and aesthetic of the prints. Opt for simple and minimalistic frames made of natural materials like wood or metal to align with the zen theme. Avoid ornate or overly decorative frames that may distract from the focal point.

Use the colors present in the nature photography print as a starting point for your color scheme. Select complementary or analogous colors to create a harmonious palette that enhances the print. Consider using neutral tones or muted shades to maintain a serene atmosphere.

Add organic elements such as indoor plants or a bonsai tree. Use natural materials like wood, stone, and bamboo for furniture. Choose low-profile furniture or cushions, that promotes grounding, good posture and relaxation.

When we surround ourselves with zen prints, we create a space where our minds can find solace. The clean lines, balanced compositions, and soothing colors induce a sense of tranquility, allowing our thoughts to settle and our spirit to bloom.

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